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Implants are a comfortable, durable option for patients who have lost one or more teeth due to decay, disease, or trauma. At Pavilion Dental Associates in Marlton, NJ, Dr. Wong remains one of the top providers for implant restoration, belonging to several local organizations specializing in implant care. He can help restore normal bite mechanics and cosmetic features to help patients recover from tooth loss.


Q and A.

What are Implants? – Implants are an advanced approach for permeant replacement of teeth. A metal post is positioned into the jawbone and a replacement tooth is mounted onto that post.  Patients can receive single or multiple implants, and it is the most stable method for replacing teeth.

Are implants better than traditional dentures or bridges? -  Because the post is placed directly into the jawbone, implants provide more stability than dentures or bridges. This reduces shifting, slippage, and allows for patients to eat and speak most normally. Furthermore, this avoids development of sore spots, friction, and wear that can accompany bridges or dentures. 

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