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Root canals help preserve natural teeth that have been damaged from deep decay. This kind of treatment requires special expertise, but at Pavilion Dental Associates, Dr. Wong uses advanced techniques for root canal management, designed remove decay while preserving the maximal amount of healthy tissue, allowing patients to keep their natural teeth and avoid extractions.



Q and A

What is a root canal?

Deep infection or injury can damage the roots of a tooth - the small projections which extend below the surface. These roots are rich in nervous tissue and damage can cause severe pain. A dentist treats this issue first by numbing the tooth. Then, he goes through the center of the tooth to find the unhealthy roots and clean them out. Once the debris is removed, the canal is filled in with a permanent material to help keep the canal free of future infection. Finally, the top of the tooth is rebuilt and may be capped with a crown.

Is it better than having a tooth pulled?

Both extractions and root canals can be used to treat damaged or infected teeth, and each option has its own considerations. Root canals can save your teeth while an extraction is final. Often times, patients are also anxious about having a tooth completely removed, though in some situations it is necessary. Choosing between the two options can sometimes be complex, but Dr. Wong can help patients understand their options given the location of the injured tooth, the extent of damage, and many other factors.

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